The brillant Mr Bramley

First day. Key note speaker Mr Barrie Bramley rocked! Hard!
Okay having anything at a conference Rock, Hard! might be simplifying things a tad.
His presentation Mind the Gap, was insightful, revealing, informative and woefully too short.
Basically Mr Bramley helped us understand why librarians are crochety about new technology and think that computers are trying to make them look stupid and why us younger set of information practioners have no respect, with our Facebook and our Myspace and our internet on our cellphones. If you're reading this and you didn't get the last sentence, then you're a crotchety librarian who would benefit from Mr Bramley's presentation.
I do think that the likelyhood that an academic library would have an abundance of 70 year old borrowers ( other than a professor or two, though I think they put those out to tenure), is highly unlikely.
I can't explain the presentation clearly enough to do it justice but I can say is that it explains the generation gaps that exist in our society. And Mr Bramley explains it well.
I was hoping to stick a link in of his presentation but theres nothing on his sight. Alas, perhaps SOMEONE like the Liasa western cape Branch Head could get him back.

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