The Gala evening at CTICC

So this was the Dinner. Everyone was given a spoon, a menu and a metal cup. Since the budget was so tight, the food was a large buffet style mat in the middle of the room, and when the bell rang everyone was told to take one, only ONE spoonful to their tables. Suffice to say there were casualties for the rest of the evening.
Okay not true.
The vibe was good. Everyone was dressed to the nines and looking spiffier than Merc owners car after a car wash. Despite all the good vibes, it was quite sad not having any OTHER colleagues from libraries in COCT, who probably thought that this conference thing was just way TOO much of a waste of time/money/brain power/air/petrol/health....(insert your excuse here).
The food was.....pretty. And with all things pretty, it tended to be scarce as well.
And the waiters, My God!
THAT level of efficiency I've only seen in the military. They would literally clear the table WHILE you were eating. Glasses disappeared and were magically refilled, WHILE you were drinking from them.
Who knew such efficiency existed in the Western Cape, let alone Cape Town. I feel inspired to continue this impeccable standard.
My only concern is that PALS might not be fast enough to maintain this high standard. Lord knows BookPlus speed can be measured by the speed Glaciers move from one end of the fjords in Iceland to another, then divide by the average speed a snail takes to cross a garden fence and THATS how slow BookPlus easy. Speedy Gonzales and Daffy Duck with all their legs broken.
But I digress.
Thankfully, it was a paying bar and all of our out of town visitors got suitable sloshed but still managed to dance to 'Jaloers Bokkie'.
A song it seems that transcends colour barriers, race, creeds and cultures like the profound hatred for that Hansie movie. Yes I nominate 'Jaloers Bokkie' as possible replacement for the national anthem for the Republic of South Africa, or at the very least, a dancing anthem.
Picture it. The opening of the world cup, everyone rises for the national anthem, and it's 'Jaloers Bokkie'. 70 000 people suddenly get down and boogie like it's 1999.
Now that would just be Bakgat!


The Librarian on the Floor said...

Been here a while. Just needed something to say....

sue said...

I must agree! It was indeed a splendiferous occasion. I didn't realise that so many people could dance in such a small space. The vibe was great