Last day thoughts.... over Breakfast

Surprising is the word.
I could say with the utmost sincerity that the experience was intimidating, because of all the BIG brains, or slightly boring (speeches- oi vey! only my curiousity kept the sleep at bay), too some extent.
But when you look at things in the cold light of a Cape Town Morning, praying that the breakfast they're going to bring me won't be like Mondays (Please Lord, have mercy on your child.) , I've come to the startling and surprising realization that the experience was quite pleasant. (Yes; I practise understatement in the mirror at home.)
Even though I didn't know anyone (the people I did know where to busy organizing the thing), even though I felt like a complete and utter moron slash tool, even though outgoing Liasa President Tommy Matthew kept using the word 'colleague' more times than is humane, despite all these things, the weight of sadness on my shoulders has kind of turned into a fullon lump in my throat and that is the most surprising thing of all.
So it's almost time to go in and begin todays session and what do you know:
Breakfast is good.

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