Dealing with History....librarian style

'Change has come to America'

The world has changed in a most significant way.
And as a Public Librarian I'm a bit worried.
Am I suppose to be hustling about cannibalizing my newspapers for articles on the US election.
Should I be putting up posters of President Elect Barack Obama or should I just sort of leave everything for now until everything's quieter or when the inevitable school project comes around.
That's the problem with being in the moment of a historical event and a being a librarian; you want to enjoy that moment but you're thinking that you need to start finding the books that haven't been written yet, about something that hasn't started yet.
The moment is now and you can't wait to get it over it so that you can display the books when they get here.
It sucks being a librarian.

'This Victory alone is not the change we seek...'

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