My Brain Dead Time

I have a special time of the day which I call, 'My Brain Dead Time' otherwise known as shelving.
My brain quiets for the next hour or two as I pack away the books that I probably packed away 2 days ago, all so that someone can find it and take it out, return it and I pack it away again.
Yes, this is something I do...WILLINGLY.
Granted there are more distateful jobs of Sisyphean nature, I unfortuantely just can't thing of any and at this point I'm totally committed to feeling sorry for myself.
Why can't we layout our books like a book shop.
Like Exclusive Books, with big signs saying: this is the cooking section and; this is where we keep the heavy books.
Why can't we do that?
Shelve books by heavy and light.
Granted we might have a rather spirited debate on the works of Paulo Coehlo, who works are physically quite slight but mentally, quite heavy. (Thank you ladies and gentle librarians I'll be here all day, probably shelving.)

Also, let me draw your attention to the following, which might or might not end up as your 'NO! THEY DIDN'T! ' moment of the month.
If you are browsing your local bookshop or catalogue (available from the Western Cape Library Services - I kid you not) cast an eye for, Henry Petroski’s treatise on book shelving called The Book on the Book Shelf.
Yes, someone actually wrote a book about shelving.
Words fail, where screams of: ' Why!, Dear God, WHY!' should do.
Actually... I have to go do some shelving.

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