*yes I'm being blatantly suggestive here. Suggestive of what, I leave up to you.

We should all be well-read.
We should. It's mentioned in the criteria for working in a Public Library,
so it's kind of a big deal.

But the truth is that what we read and what we SUPPOSE to read is two vastly different coloured iguana's.
I know ABOUT Danielle Steel but I won't read Danielle Steel. (Mostly because I prefer not to have my head explode in a shower of brain and skull fragments.)

I do tend to lean more to the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comic book side of the speculative genres.
And to show how times and librarians are-a-changing I am currently NOT being tide to a stake and burnt with last years periodicals for that admission. Fortunately I'll just be mildly shunned which is much better than being immolated and being DEAD.

There are times however, when I do venture out of my pop culture comfort zone and try something that pushes my reading boundaries just a bit. Sometimes I push it just a little bit and sometimes when I'm feeling bold and that 8th cup of coffee has fired a significant amount of Neurons then I smash through the boundaries and land up in a place that is so alien to me I can't help but wonder if there are lifeforms on the planet who reads these...er works.

As part of my fearless coffee induced boundary pushing, I will let you know from time to time what bibliographic leaps I've taken, and somehow survived.

November/December Leap

Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot.
I know, I know. This would hardly be considered a leap by anyone.
Well, anyone female that inhales these books like the sweet air of freedom after a 5 hour meeting.

For me. Well extraordinary events compelled me to pick this book up. Which I will NOT recount, somethings have to remain unexpressed at this or any juncture.

The book is about this girl who was a pop idol of a million teens and then after a crushing blow fades out of the public eye, gets dropped by her record lable and her fiance and ends up working at a unversity dormitory, which at the time of our introduction to the main character, Heather, was awash with a dead body that might have died under suspicious circumstances.
Did I mention this is an ADULT novel by Meg Cabot.

The series is not as 'twee' as the Princess Diaries and has just enough of a satirical edge to keep me interested.
Come on. Bubblegum pop queen down on her luck solving a murder has, film written all over it.
But I digress.
It's fun, light and frothy, like a milkshake.
(A real one not the one's you by in the shops)
It makes up for it intellectual leanness by hitting the fun light frothy notes until you're squirting milkshake out of your nose or getting an ice cream headache.

I guiltily recommend this for people wanting a break from their heady readings of Proust and Chopra.

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