Tying up the year.

Twilight (December)
The film came to South African shores and no one marketed it. Besides the usual Top Billing and Showbiz report.
I think South African businesses forget that Teenagers are one of the largest consumer markets in the world. The American realised that long ago, that's why they skew the marketing 'down' towards that market.
South African's not so much. Only recently, in that last 8 years or so has libraries caught up with creating collections more teen focused. Mosty due to Harry Potter, but it took them until Azkaban was released to catch up! (Although there are some libraries that don't have Teen sections. Grrr Aargh!) Graphic Novels, Books that tie into popular franchises are slowly creeping in. As much we librarians would like to dismiss this as twaddle, poppycock and well just plain crap, we are fighting a war against illiteracy. And I think Illiteracy has us against the ropes.
Reading Programmes you say, well I say: Why have a reading programme for kids who already read, which is the case in most Libraries in Cape Town, except maybe those in the Townships and on the 'Flats. We need to get the one's who don't know how or don't have the inclination to read and bend them ....I mean persuade them to pick up something and bloody read.
And if said material is sparkly, has underwear stuck to it, or depicts a certain spider-man then, Step 1 achieved. If they ask for more, Step 2 sorted. And then the reading programmed can sort out steps 4 through 12.
Sorry got away with me there.
Anyway....Twilight came out. Haven't watched it yet because I read the book. Ha!

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