UPDATE: (My first!) Twilight Book .....art?!

And so I spoke unto myself, and said: 'Gosh, none of the local book sellers or local purveyors of film and visual media have given me any picture of that teen passion play, Twilight.'
And I spoke unto myself again (because I had too much coffee and everybody was talking like tttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss).
I said:' Well, since I am gosh darn heck out of luck I shall copy the cover and embellish it to produce a striking work that would ....STRIKE people.' Figuratively of course.
And so I did.

The book cover looks like this:

And this is what I did to it: (since I didn't have a colour copier, and likelyhood of that happening depends of the colour of the flock of flying pigs that I will keeping as pets.)

Excuse me while I affect a condescending and Arty voice.
The liberal application of glitter to the title will evoke a mesmerizing effect in it's target audience.
Robust use of Red paint starkly contrasts the dark and shadowed tones of the paper stock, and the paleness of the hand depicted. This reminds one of a rather skewed portrait of an Eve offering an unenlightened Adam an apple.
The crimson slash through the authors name indicates that the author offers something unique in the narrative that relates to what this crimson apple represents.
In no way does it indicate that artist of this work accidentally slipped and dropped his brush as his work colleagues threw a copy of Whitakers almanac at his head in order to see what 8 cups of coffee had done to his reflexes.

  • You can do almost anything with paint, paper and no artistic talent whatsoever.
  • Whitakers Almanac is a very heavy book (1362 p.) that shouldn't be in a library because it can be used to kill or render someone concussed.
  • This whole pop culture shtick works because after I put it up, there were questions asked. And I didn't even put up the words yet.
  • Putting glitter on anything makes people notice and ask ridiculous questions, also.
  • At least they're asking!
  • No human being should be allowed to drink 8 cups of coffee.
No librarians were harmed in the making of this poster.

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