DOING IT! ....at the library

Perhaps its the idiosyncracies of the english language or just our borrowers but several of the local library patronage when asked if they've read a particular book have replied with:
' I've done that book.'
My messy mindscape when faced with a response like that tends to create ideas that kind of fit the scenario of 'doing' a book.

I picture people being swallowed whole and experiencing the book first hand, in a sort of technicolour surround sound Neverending Story sort of way.
Leaping out of the bath after finishing a book and bounding around the house shrieking Eureka at the top of their lungs, like some sort of world shattering achievement, because they've 'done it'.
(Really that last one doesn't work if I have to explain it)

I don't really mind how they 'do' the book, as long as the return them in good condition...
and unsoiled.

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