New years PDR

The New Year Resolutions..the eternally mortal PDR.

With a new year, comes resolutions to improve or better your life and circumstance.
Some of us take this to extremes, while some deny ever making these resolutions. (In fact the resolution making person in question, made the resolution as a ploy to with the whole IN resolution making crowd).

I suggest as a way to keep those resolution making people honest in a real sort of Oprah sense, we use the tried and tested PDR



Right now, if any of my managers and managers' managers are reading (and they are the scary people who can squash my existence by a mere flexing of a little vein in the frontal lobe area of the brain) this is not to be taken as a suggestion that we apply the process in any sort of formal way to the personal lives of staff. (Dear God, it would be ANOTHER set out stats.)
We would like our thought to remain our own for now.

So perhaps doing this sort of thing keeps us honest, or makes us crazy.
In any event, it would be practice when you start doing your planning for your library, like every good librarian should.


Let The New Year Begin

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