That speaking Thing (The Words)

So I presented my comic book talk/thing to the librarians at
(Name deleted by local authority- we own the computer and we have dibs... on everything) library.

It's wasn't too bad. I'm always aware that I have a high pitched squeaky voice and talk waaay to fast when I do the public speaking thing. (Accidentally typed public spanking. A practice not TOO uncommon at some libraries.)
I was just glad I didn't go on too much.
Talking about something you love can be as daunting as talking about something you know squat about.
The only problem is people usually know that you're suppose to be this expert and then when you don't deliver the goods, you're finding DDC heads in your bed.
But I got treated well.
And I got some enthusiasm in the form of some nodding. Which could've been the whole 'I'll show that I understand by nodding so that the crazy person will go away and stop talking' nod.
Pointless worrying about it now.
I did get some good feedback from the head librarian and she indicated that I didn't suck that much. So there.

The only consolation is that (Name deleted by local authority- we own the computer and we still have dibs... on everything) library is near some beautiful beach and I had a nice long ride to reflect on how everyone would be making fun of me after the presentation.
Anyway. I have a presentation/speaking gig at our monthly management meetings(with the bosses boss in attendance), which is filling me with dread.
It's like being naked and pelted with wet books while someone keeps yelling at me: " You're not worthy ! You're not worthy! Shelve the reference!"
Or that's the last dream I had.

This speaking thing, really. Total pain.

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akc said...

I'm sure you did better than you thought.

It is incredibly beautiful there. :-)