By their eyes..

Ever wondered what a patron sees when they step into a library and you're standing behind a desk, with that "how can I help you" smile.
What do they see?
Do they see a man or a woman, someone young or old, abled, differently-abled, ringtailed lemur?

Point of view is such a powerful thing when you deal with the public on a regular basis.
A moment can set the pattern for what happens for the rest of your working life.
It takes a moment for someone to make an assumption, build and idea from it and
then try to pour you into that idea.
All because of what they saw and what that first impression was.

To date I've been referred to as that, tall guy, the fat one, the short one, Miss Clara Belle and the Chinese gentleman with the glasses.
And I've never waivered from the standard "how can I help" position. I make sure I put my best foot forward, sometimes my mouth and the rest of my body follows, but I've never left a dissatisfied customer. Even when I've hit the Java Juice (coffee) to hard.

Then it's quite telling that the saving grace of all the weird labels, is that the above names were all prefaced by "That Librarian...", which is definitely not so bad.

"That's Miss Librarian Clara Belle, to you sir!"

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