The Guilty Book Pleasure

We should all be well read.
We should. It's mentioned in the criteria for working in a Public Library,
so it's kind of a big deal.

But the truth is that what we read and what we SUPPOSE to read is two vastly different coloured iguana's.
I know ABOUT Danielle Steel but I won't read Danielle Steel. (Mostly because I prefer not to have my head explode in a shower of brain and skull fragments.)
I do tend to lean more to the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comic book side of the speculative genres.
And to show how times and librarians are-a-changing I am currently NOT being tide to a stake and burnt with last years periodicals for that admission. Fortunately I'll just be mildly shunned which is much better than being immolated and being DEAD.

There are times however, when I do venture out of my pop culture comfort zone and try something that pushes my reading boundaries just a bit. Sometimes I push it just a little bit more and sometimes when I'm feeling REALLY bold and that 8th cup of coffee has fired a significant amount of Neurons, I smash through the boundaries and land up in a place that is so alien to me I can't help but wonder if there are lifeforms on the planet who reads these...er works.

As part of my fearless coffee induced boundary pushing, I will let you know from time to time what bibliographic leaps I've taken, and somehow survived.

A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

The guilty book this time round is a terrible little book written by
Lynsay-obviously a pseudonym-Sands.

It's one of a handful of books in the Argenau series of romance novels that
deal with vampires.

Yes folks, it's a fang banger. Not to be confused with a ghostbanger,
copbanger or a normal bangbanger.

Fangbangers are unique (we hope!) because they're a normal sort of romance novel with the added twist of the main characters being vampires, or having some sort of relationship with a vampire.

Ms Sands spices things up just enough to make you blush, but not make it seem smutty
if you find yourself on the train surrounded by total strangers.

The plot is non existent: A bunch of exiles from Atlantis, with some funky
stuff in their blood, live amongst us mortals, drinking blood, falling in love
and living forever.

There's a bad boy, there's the human ingenue, the epic history and of course
the sweet sweet lurve and the fangs and blood.

Highly recommended for people who want to take a break from Tolstoy and Cormac McCarthy.

Feel the Lurve...

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