THAT time of the year...

We throw off the austere visage and let people see through the mask of indomitable righteousness.
We call an amnesty on book fines.

We cast aside our preconceptions about decorations and frippery.
We put up posters and dress the notice boards with gay abandon.

And finally, we rid ourselves of our curmudgeonly and selfish ways with regards to letting books,
new books even, being borrowed.

We give them all brightly coloured bags with friendly little characters on and bookmarks to mark the place of the books they're reading. The books we actually let out. Even the new ones,
with the crisp smelling paper and new plastic smell.
We let that go.

And why, because it's library week. When librarians let go and celebrate the letting go of
our librarian-ness. Our librarian-osity.

Yes folks. It Librarian Christmas. National Library Week has come.

Thank god it only lasts a week!!!!

Goodwill to all patrons and may the DDC bless you.

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