Slump Is Putting New Stresses on Libraries and Librarians - NYTimes.com and 3rd world Perspective


Third World libraries (those not closed by war, famine or genocide) have dealt with this issue for years. I'm glad the 1st world is finally catching up with us for a change.

Rule of thumbs for being a library in a economic downturn, and you're got the only working toiliet with TP, soft plushy couches and a recreational space, in a 5 mile radius:

Always make sure that you know where your public toilet keys are.
After 15 minutes of silence go and find out what's happening. (Take backup)

A fragrant deodouriser is your friend, keep some at the desk.

Put up a sign: No using the pages of books as TP.

No taking books to the toilet.

Books do not get vanished about a persons body.

Newspapers have a 15 to 30 minute reading limit and cannot be used for 'padding'

Drunk means "you don't come in and you don't sit down."

Pants optional only exists in your mind, not in reality

These are just a few things that we 3rd world librarians can share with you first world librarians. After all we're all in this downturn together.

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