Getting it done

Doing the marketing thing for the library again.
This mostly consists of sticking copious amounts of glitter to a piece of paper. The Twilight things have been up for quite a while, with no end in sight to the requests.
The books though are falling apart.
(Am trying to beg a FREE copy from Exclusive Books Library Division- Yes, I have NO shame. All's fair. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda....)
I am looking at trying to push Spud. Which is, despite being written for adults and South African, finds itself being bought by people other than the usual hoity toity "well-read" upper middle class.
It has potential to be a HUGE seller. All I need is one little spark at the local high school. One little off hand remark in the ear of a teenager and I will be getting returns the size of .....well the size of Twilight.
All I need is a hook and then get it done.

On a totally unrelated note. Why does the South African publishing industry keep trotting out this highbrowed middlebrow books, that don't get bought and end up collecting dust on my shelves.

If anything, Spud proves that you can have drunken fart jokes, teen angst and violence exist in a book published in South Africa and it will be bought by people other than those who got their degrees and "airs" at UCT.

So I ask for more of the same. I demand more of the same actually. Someone please write a sappy saccharine sweet South African romance novel in English with words that you can understand without having passed First Year English and make it for the masses.
Because I'm getting real tired of pushing Danielle Steel when potentially the South African equivalent might be lying in a South Africa Publishers desk drawer.

Parting words:
Go Spuddy, GO!!!!

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