Dealing with the Monday EJC

It's called an Existential Job Crisis.

It usually hits when:
You first see the HUGE pile of this mornings shelving.
The first piece of paper you pick up from your desk starts with the letters G.ri.e. and ends with a.n.c.e. Similarly with c.o.m.p. and a.i.n.t.
An email cordially informs you that funding has been c.u.t.
and your co-workers or line staff, responds to your cordial "Good morning" with
"Oh,... it's you" or "There's a problem with the computers......they're not there anymore."

Symptoms of EJC are:
a feeling in the pit of your stomach.
a sudden realisation that you're not being paid enough.
the words: "I live for this stuff" doesn't quite do the trick anymore.

When in doubt and assailed by EJC, I offer up this pearl of wisdom:
Don't disregard the good just because you're getting hit with the bad.

For example:
For my bout of EJC this morning, I thought of the first time I unpacked a box of brand new books.
Or the first time someone came back to me and actually thanked me, for helping them.
The face of someone who comes in beaming after reading something you gave them, and they crave more.!!!

The things with EJC is that although it is caused by the harsh realities around you, it is also put into remission by the acknowledgment of all the positive realities.
What you have to do is literally give yourself a pat on the back.

And we librarians find it to be such a hard thing to do....

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indoor said...

yo lib person had so much ejc that nothing could fix it, even the good stuff. but missing all the s.h.i.t. and me and libraries will see each other again no doubt, if they will have me back some time in the future. being away has just reinforced all those positive memories of the those damn places i haunted for many years. also what a thankless job it (was) is sometimes... but that's what makes library people such a great bunch!libs are helping me so much with material for my clari teaching. cheers bro and love and greetings to all. flatspin. (ian)