Gigantic Book Missing, Presumed Stolen?!

Theft, or attempted theft at libraries, especially Public Libraries is more a less a fact of life.
(They don't steal at Academic Libraries. They just borrow with no intent to return)

Less so in 1st world countries (cos your books are cheaper and grow like weeds)
than in developing countries like South Africa (because books here are REALLY REALLY expensive. Really)

And the biggest cruelty dumped on libraries, like mine, is when some ne'er do wells decides to make off with something and then we have to use our meager funds to either replace the missing copy or buy something new that someone desperately needs.
It's literally gut wrenching (I get butterflies in the tummy just thinking about it)

But there are some books that are in a word(which is completely made up), unstealable.

Mythology : myths, legends & fantasies (with cd-rom) was a giant of a book.
Sadly it's shelf life was cut short by a ruthless and heartless biblio-cretin.

So from the depths of my librarian heart I humbly ask:
Have you seen this book:

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Najma said...

Sorry man, no sign of your book in Camps Bay - we've looked 'seaward' and 'mountainward'!
Nice pics of my library though - pity about the lopsided drawing in the foyer.