Why Libraries will miss Oprah

If you try to list all the things Oprah has done you're going to run out of words.
But one particular thing Oprah has done that is of particular significance, is her Book Club, and her mainstreaming of reading.
Wether it's pushing Faulkner or just casually mentioning a title, the profound effects can be felt all the way in this little old library, in a developing country on the the African Continent.
Despite not making librarians as popular as teachers, we still owe her debt for making reading, in a word, cool.

What's going to happen next is anyone's guess. We had the PR sorted out with her around, now I fear we're incapable of accepting the burden of being our own spokespersons to the public. Don't forget Oprah brought in non readers in their droves. We have yet to inspire such passion in those people that just walk on by.
Perhaps it's time we should try to find out how!

"Everybody gets a book!!!"

Fans mourn end of 'Oprah' - CNN.com

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I thought I would say hi from the Southfield Library in Southfield, Michigan, USA (www.southfieldlibrary.org). I came across this blog from a google alert for Southfield Library. Wish you all of the best!

Kelly Ireland,
Outreach Librarian
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