The Art of Seduction... Librarian Style

Librarians should be world class seducers.
We should.
We have a window of opportunity of about 2 minutes.
In that time we need to give our seducee our fullest attention, indulge their interests, draw them in and then convince that what we want to give them, is what they need so very desperately and just can't get enough so they come back for more, over and over again.

It helps that what we're talking about is books or information and that patrons have to come to us in any case to get the things they want.
What we want is for them to keep coming back, something I think public librarians take for granted.

Which is sad, because the art of seduction is just a fanciful term for good customer service and the librarians I know HATE the word customer service.
Actually I think they hate the word customer satisfaction too.

Basically Customer and Librarian, they don't live in the same brain.
But here's the nub of my particular issues, if you don't have happy customers, they don't come back and libraries, especially public libraries take it for granted that they are the only game in town, and thus exempted from putting out a good customer service.
This is all entirely ok if you running a library in the Antarctic.
But if you're smack dab in the middle of a transport hub, and you have two major universities in a 5 mile radius, you can't afford not to crack a smile when you're asked a question.
And you most definitely won't be able to provide the popular materials that are requested if you're turning a blind ear.
(But that's another gripe post called Collection Development by Ignoring Everyone, which I will do as soon as I've ignored all the requests for Twilight. )

So find your inner Librarian Lothario, your bibilographic Casanova.
Like all seducers what we're selling is not the book but the experience.
And if you give someone a good time, they always come
back for more.

And thats what we want, isnt it?

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