Far away from home - A ramble

I'm in Johannesburg. Stuck somewhere near a place called Apollo and a mall called Menlyn, at a Hotel called George.
No not THAT George.

Their is a profound shock that gets me most times I decide to venture out of Cape Town,  that only starts to settle in an hour or so at my new destination.
This time it took all of 30 seconds.
I reckon it Jo'burg. Its just so...jarring. Not being in place that has no visible mountains, or breeze that smacks, if not punches, of the sea.
Not to have the morning prayers from the mosque nearest you, echo across the morning or evening skies.
Not have....a bloody mountain!

Now THAT'S a bloody mountain

So here I am, Mountainless in the Hotel George, on the eve of the great Library conference, feeling a bit unprepared and out of my depth.

And missing the bloody Mountain.

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