LIASA12 Conference 2010

As it is customary we shall start with the venue, which doesn’t at all look like the Mediterranean exploded on a little hill in Pretoria.
No, it looks like a marble tile factory exploded over a little hill in Pretoria.
The mish mash of Roman Greco styles by way of Tiletoria has me half wondering where they’re hiding the cast of Spartacus, as a supper entertainment. 
I AM SPARTACUS! And these rooms are FABULOUS!

 The room is nice, but it seems that the organizers couldn’t sort out the one problem that made the hotel room thing a pain.
The Wind.
Naturally the Capetonians are blamed, because we’re closely attuned to nature and are one with the elements. (Comes from living to close to a bloody mountain.) 
The Bloody Mountain AGAIN!

In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw a rather shady looking Zephyr, obviously high on something, skulking around my BIG boss’s bag, and it must have hidden in there for the entire trip to be UNLEASHED on the poor defenseless winds in Pretoria.  Soon it got everyone in a gang, tattooed and everything, and then for the initiation it decided to ruin the conference.
So By and Large, the boss brought the hot air that ruined Day 0 and Day 1 of the LIASA Conference.

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