Being Worthy

You’ve never heard of a place called Masiphumele. 
Its existence, I can assure you will be confirmed by a Google Search, Google Maps and perhaps even Bing (just ask it nicely.)

Masiphumelele is a satellite library of a public library in Fish Hoek, which is one of the more pretty and posher seaside suburbs in the Cape Town.

Masi , as its known, is what we would call a township, which houses  black lower income families within it borders.

Now this is just a bit of background, to what appeared at our 12
TH LIASA conference. To say the  good work that happens at Masi is inspiring, is a gross understatement and possible the most inappropriate word to use.
Till someone comes up with a better word, inspiring will have to do.
Due to the tenacious and never say die attitude of Librarian Susan Alexander Masi’ has become a living breathing example of what a library and librarian can do for its community.
From its humble beginnings in a single little room, to the magnificent complex built by donors and believers of an ideal that up till now I only thought librarians believed in.
I could go on.
But I choose to show you the things they do there. Take a look and you too will see things that words are unable to describe.

1.Masiphumelele Library October 2010 Presented at LIASA 12 Conference

Please download for a better view, without the wonky formatting. And have your speakers on.

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