The Vampire Elephant in the Room

So I did a Teen Vamp display last year (See Pics somewhere in this blog) and it caused some friction between my boss and I. I thought having some covers of books copied, liberally decorated with glitter and some punchy/sarcastic blurbs would be cool and attract our fickle teen audience, and she thought that my overuse of the red paint was evil incarnate.

Yes I might be exaggerating for dramatic effect but the general spirit of the gripe is accurate. More or less.

I've had reactions to my displays before.
Most leaned towards laughing at disdain at my unprofessional glitter applying abilities but the subject matter and the intent/motives of my display was never called to scrutiny.
If it got people reserving a book or discussing it with us librarians, then job done.

No, I had run afoul of the two words that tends to send most people into a bit of deep soul search when uttered unto them. Hell, it even killed Van Gogh.

Personal Impression.

My bosses' personal impression was that it was in a word, Inappropriate and a bit 'Too Much'.
 And so began a conversation which ended with a rather lasting silence.

She though it was, Inappropriately too much.
And I thought she letting her personal views (cough*christian*cough) cloud her professional judgment.

We agreed to disagree and a compromise was reached. I will expand on that much later.

I understand the need for living your personal life by certain principals but I consider literacy and promoting reading a fairly good set of principles to live your life by too.
And if what you are doing (like vamp display) and what you've done before (giant underpants in the library), not only fulfill those principles and your job function at the same time, then what's the rub?
(Forgive me, if I spell principles wrong, its a hole in my skill set. )

At the end of the day, librarians serve the communities needs.
That is the credo we function under in our libraries. (That and don't ask for more staff or money. Defenestration by specially trained library assassins might be in your future.)
And the compromise we struck was that I would take the display down if it offended anyone.
To date, nobody has threatened to throw me out a multi-storey building and I actually got quite a lot of compliments....from mom's who thought that it would be perfect for luring their daughters/sons to books.
Any book as it turned out.
Which, I do believe, makes the Vampire Elephant in the Room, pretty much moot.
Done and dusted.
The Title posters were stained with Tea, to give it an aged look
and the text is a font on MS Word.
And I ran the edges of the  "&"  page under a candle.

And that Red paint under the word Blood, too much?

The blurbs in the word bubbles: I tried to come up with sort of sarcastic tongue in cheek stuff.
People like funny,don't they.

This one gave me some trouble but it makes sense. Kinda

The Blue Bloods series is marketed as Gossip Girl meets Vampire Diaries.
Well if a Vampire ever met Gossip Girl...insert logical conclusion here.

I did sort of a none traditional layout. If its skew and stuff, then its non traditional.
Hey. skew is the new straight and don't let anyone tell you different.

Used BFF. Heh. Speaking the lingo, makes me soo hip and trendy.

And back to the angsty!

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