Librarian Apocalypse Averted! -- for now

It seems that yonder Universities in yonder province with the flat mountain top will be in fact still be producing new librarians, for now. The Powers That Be current elected Representative (El Presidente!) steering the good ship 'South African Librarian Professional Association' has actually said that there was discussions with actual words and people. 

"It is my pleasure to confirm that the University of  'University near Flat Mountain' has approved the continuation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies from 2012 onwards.    Master’s and Doctoral Degrees will also be offered in 2012 and beyond.

'The Professional Association' communicated with the Vice-Chancellor of  ' University near Flat top Mountain' Dr 'Very Important Dude' in January 2011, expressing our dismay and concern at the announced closure of the Library Department.   We were subsequently invited to meet with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor,  Prof 'Slightly Less Important Dude that has realised too late, that stuff rolls down hill'  on 19 October to discuss the possible continuation of the PGDipLIS.     
Following a very fruitful meeting and discussion,  I received an official letter this week from Prof '
Slightly Less Important Dude that has realized that stuff rolls down hill' confirming the continuation of the LIS courses at 'University near Flat Top Mountain.' "

There are some thoughts though:
Dr. 'Very Important Dude' expressed dismay at round about January 2011, whereupon it took 9 months to get a reaction.Yeesh!

Universities, like most business have bottom lines, and even though you'll probably hear some "we put education first" rhetoric, if a department isn't getting the rands and cents that necessitates its existence, then the university will probably take action of a cutting nature. 
Which begs the question: Will the University make its Post grad qualification attractive to prospective students by offering it with a part time option? Especially since Public Librarians (who really do need this degree) have been hampered by the Local Authority in terms of how much study time they can have.

Let all agree that this is a minor reprieve for the University, the message from the University is that they will continue providing the qualification but with no give or take with regards to accommodating students. Which,as I recall, was the reason the Library Department was shut down in the first place. 

"...doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Definition of Insanity by A. Einstein.

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