A Break in Routine, or How I learned to love the Sparkly Stuff.

We Public Librarians have it good.
We have it good in the sense that we can bust out of our routines, like an impromptu staged dance routine in the style of Glee, at the drop of a hat (a normal un-sequined one). 
Take a typical office worker, with his formal clothes and expensive coiffing.
He spends his time in a cubicle or if he works at company that wants to deny you privacy, he works in an open plan office where everyone can see him trying not to scratch his itchy left butt cheek.
Then you have the public librarian.
The public librarian wears sensible shoes, a t-shirt or shirt, if he/she is feeling particularly perky that day, sandals. We’re not squished and chained in blood clotting immobility to a cubicle because we’re quite active. 

We sway. We swish. We move.
Hence the comfortable clothes.
And yes your office worker guy does get his hour lunch and gets to schmooze with his colleagues over filter coffee and get to walk outside in the sun or rain, while we librarians are stuck for the duration inside our buildings. But we can do something that not a lot of people are able to do in their jobs (unless it IS there job.)
We can be creative.

The office worker guy or gal, can also be creative.
He can change his screensaver, think up a witty status update on Facebook or tweet some profound wisdom but he’s still stuck there in that constricted space.
If any librarian needs to be away from the managerially induced paperwork or the hot sticky war that is the front line desk, they simply leave, go to that hallowed sanctum (secretly called “at the back” or “workroom”) away from public eyes and can put glue to paper, and paper to cardboard.
Sometimes there’s glitter involved.
It’s a wonderful thing to break out and experience freedom through creative expression. It makes you feel like a child.
Many a time I’ve witnessed a colleagues lose themselves in the simple act of coloring in, or painting.  Even though the finished product might not look as impressive as the effort that went into the making of the poster, display, diorama or a 1 tenth replica of Hogwarts, it is nevertheless the heart and soul of a librarian on full display.
Mr Office worker, have your 9 to 5 and I’ll take my 8 to 7 with my pencils, papers, paints and glue……and glitter.

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