The 2015 One

This is the 2015 blog.
The first one for the year. It should be all those noble and inspiring things that speak of the untapped potential of a blooming year that is too yield a bountiful harvest.
Not so much.
South African Library land is not having a good year - yes it started only 20 days ago, and No, I am not being a Debbie Downer. 

The problems that have come over from 2014 are to whit:
Budgetary Constraints 
(Constraint being a similar word to FUBAR but with less implied swearing.)
(A change thereof that has yielded less than positive synergistic flow amongst the human resources - "euphemistically" speaking. Yes I know putting quotation marks on a derivation of the word euphemism is unreasonably smarmy.)
(That thing that Einstein and Hawking said exists only in our minds but is a neuroses shared by all.)
But the icing on the cake is the foretold venturing into "that place" on the Mountain that produces librarians. 
I'm going there.
And the Universe proves once again that its sense of humor is greater than the amount of chess moves in existence
Pity party over.
Librarians rebound well.

Highlights for 2015 will include the IFLA Conference in Cape Town -  where I will do an interpretive dance explaining Information Literacy. However since there is a codicil in the Constitution (under the Thou Shall Not Boogie Down clause) that prevents me from dancing, the steps will be taken up my bosses boss, MC Funky De Walt, who will wax lyrical about Information Literacy while Krumping

Minor Events include Library Week, a marathon orientation session for a whole school and slowly not losing my mind while trying the raise the flagship Information Literacy in Libraries all over Cape Town. All the while, walking within the dark place all by myself.

So 2015, perhaps not like 2014, but nevertheless still filled with fruity potential for shenanigans and hair raising adventure in librarianship.

Watch this space.

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